Money and Manners

It sucks having too much month at the end of your money. Every month, it is just another nightmare. Pay your bills? Check. Pay your tithes? Check Roger. Bought groceries? Tried. Got fuel to go to church? Maybe. Routines like this breaks me. At some point, there must be hope.

Checking the ATM balance always results in a coupon for Ramen Noodles. It would be nice to have chicken, pork, or perhaps even pork steak once a month. In 45 years, you would think that I would get it together. Just once. Always, it seems like life has conspired to snatch opportunities out of my clutches.

So, how do we correct this sequence of events that result in being broke for two weeks? The college/Pell Grant hasn’t worked well. Then there is Social Security. They belong to the Federal Government. Enough said. Prostitution? Nah, I would need a sign with a disclaimer. Being 100% disabled does  not allow me to work. Paying off bills would help. The secret seems to be focus. Eliminate the small payments, apply that money from the small bill to the big bill and watch it disappear.

Living means that pipes burst, fuel runs out, and vehicles break down. There must be a nest egg to handle additional expenses. However, you can’t save what isn’t there. Cutting fat out of your budget when you have no money left is a no-go. Selling possessions to stay afloat is not a viable option. Prioritizing only works when you can pay everyone.

As it is, I am blessed to have a wonderful woman in my life that offers to pick me up. However, being dependent on her is embarrassing for me. Call it old fashioned, but my belief is that the guy should pick the girl up, pay for dinner, pull out the chair and show her that HE is dependable. Not the other way around. Yeah, I know….Neanderthal. Misogynistic. Patriarchy. The glass ceiling….whatever. In a time long forgotten, it was polite to do this. In an era well before the birth of Fem-Nazis. In modern society, well they dress up in vagina hats and scream vagina at the top of their lungs. That will show ‘em.

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