Ministry and Marriage

Missing church goes a long way in weakening people of faith. Christians’ must activate their faith when we enter God’s presence. Seven days without church, fellowship with the Creator, and prayer destroys any resemblance of our walk with God. You can’t miss church and be what God has called us to be.

Pastor Lambert and I chatted yesterday about ministry and divorcees. According to my pastor, I should start my efforts to be used of the Lord in the jail ministry. There are many steps required for this to happen. It is a life changing opportunity for me to get started into working for the Lord.

While we discussed the jail ministry, marriage also came up. To me it seems that this topic came up way to often this weekend. Rev. Troy asked if I was going to marry Rachel. Rev. Lambert mentioned it as well. There are several things that bother me about this. 1) The question has already been breached. We are waiting for things to smooth out. 2) Why does this seem to be so important? 3) Do we need to get married? Is it expected? 4) What about Rachel’s wants and desires for her life? 5) Has anyone considered that she may not want to marry me?

There are several examples of single ministers. Does God want his ministers to have the support of a spouse? Is it something that must be done? Can’t God use a single minister like a married one? Does being married provide you with insight that helps you deal with married couples problems? Does it make people listen to you when you speak about marriage? Doesn’t divorce allow you to speak on marriage with the same knowledge?

I digress. Questions abound, and answers are nowhere to be found. Thus, I will pray about it. The Lord can provide an explanation concerning marriage and ministry. God bless.

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