Today is my church’s outreach program. I pray that it will be successful in connecting souls to Jesus Christ. May we present the Gospel of Jesus and touch the heart of a city. It is with a heavy heart that I write this. I have my own situations that need the touch of the Master’s hand but I am going to do my very best to be what my Savior has called me to be. If we can touch the heart of one sinner and they find salvation, then we have been successful.

I know that through Him anything is possible. The Bible has plenty of examples where faith was instrumental in raising the dead, healing the blind eyes, turning water into wine, and curing issues of blood. The Bible states, “that faith the size of a mustard seed” is all that is needed to move mountains. God, we ask that today you will release faith and bind doubt.

May we be found about our Father’s business. The Bible says that the fields are ripe unto harvest, but the laborers are few. I want to have my hands in the Harvest. I don’t want to be found wanting when my Savior splits the sky. I want my life to shew forth the love and grace of God. We all have our own testimony of what God has brought us out of. God’s grace and mercy is sufficient in today’s society. In a world that is gone crazy, the love of God is what we have need of.

God, I ask that you touch every person that is involved in the outreach for lost souls. Mold us into instruments of your mercy and peace. Help us to show that life does not have to be a struggle without peace. Let us show your love and grace to a city that needs to be won for your sake. Without your mercy and grace, we would all die lost. It is with you that we find fullness of joy. Let us overflow with the goodness that is you. Let us be effective for the kingdom of God.

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