For Rachel Embrey, my number one fan!

Today my girlfriend, Rachel Embrey, informed me that I am writing for an audience due to me having this blog. Um, I have not thought of it this way. Therefore, I think that maybe I should introduce myself.

I am just a good little redneck from deep in the woods of Mississippi. It is not my goal to hurt someone or test the limits of a rope (I have heard the vicious rumors.). I like to fish, hunt deer, squirrel, rabbit and hog, hike through beautiful areas of the world (not Iraq), write on occasion, and spend time with the beautiful and extraordinary Rachel Embrey.

Why was I writing if not for an audience? This is where I vent. All the poison and hurt that has happened to me throughout my life comes out on this page. That and my blossoming walk with God. It is where I go when I feel alone. Time spent writing/working/drawing can improve your craft. Hopefully, that comes out on this page as well.

Do I plan on writing a novel? Eh, yeah maybe? Four years seems to be the given timeframe to write a novel, along with all the revisions. That is a long time to devote to a single project. I am retired, so I have the time. It just seems very daunting when you consider all the work.

Where do I get my material? Life. It happens all around us and to us. Situations that arise in my life often lead to trouble or something like it. There is a wealth of material that just comes along with my day to day adventures. I write to pass the time and I would like the satisfaction of writing and publishing a novel with my name on it. Thus, my reasoning for writing a blog.

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