Here I sit, alone with my pup for company. He has been quite the rascal today. My computer mouse has given up the ghost. Part of me wants to work on my book, but I am not a writer by any measure. I am lost in the illusion that I can be with time and practice. Advice has ranged from write about what you like, to pen something you are unfamiliar with. Given the broad spectrum of advice, it is no wonder that I feel like a fish out of water. Show don’t tell is also advice that has been given to me. I bought a book today to help me overcome the obstacle that has hindered me. This seems to be the primary sticking point in my fledgling writing career. Its not like I am going to be an author of spiritual tomes. Or some literary giant that delivers classic books that will last throughout the ages. To be honest, my aspirations has become rather limited. Goals once was a staple in my life, however, time and constant failure has eroded most of the confidence that I once possessed.

In my life I have always been a confident individual. This may come as a surprise to most folks, but time in the military made me aware of many traits that built up the ego of one Larry Freeman Jr. It was said that my confidence bordered on arrogance. Maybe this is the Lord’s way to show me that my confidence should come from Him.  I have a strong desire to write a series of novels detailing my walk in darkness and the redemption that I found. However, it seems to be an unachievable undertaking. Outlines, a lack of focus, and laziness seem to conspire to keep me from achieving my goal.

I should be able to complete this work. Time is on my side given that I am a retiree. Since, I have no work to go to, writing could become a hobby. This blog was started after going to a writer’s conference in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Two days was all it took for me to decide that I wanted to become a wordsmith. If I can find a way to use words to help people to come to the Lord or provide encouragement, then I will be happy. Thus, my goal will be to use my words to assist other’s in their Christian walk. To shed some light to illuminate the way in some individuals’ darkness. The goal was to never become rich. It has always been my plan to write a novel and now it seems that I finally have the opportunity to do it.

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