RIP Mollie Tibbett

I am disturbed by the death of Mollie Tibbett. I am beyond disturbed by Elizabeth Warren’s lack of concern of yet another American dying at the hands of an illegal immigrant. I don’t care how many trips you make to the border. Nor do I care how many children are separated from their parents temporarily. The children at the border are fed, taken care of, given the opportunity to shower, and they get to see their parents. Mollie will never walk the face of this planet again. When this scumbag killed her, he took away her future. Her parents will never have a conversation with her again. They will not get to have dinner with her. She will not graduate from college or celebrate her career with her parents. She is gone, forever.

To be fair, I know several illegal immigrants here at home. They seem like good people for the most part. However, the Bible tells us to be subject to the laws of the land. Even Jesus paid taxes. “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”  In the truest sense, if you illegally cross the border you have broken the law. What do we call lawbreakers in America? Criminals. I don’t care how many Democrats cry that it isn’t fair.

I know that some people who came here legally had their visa expire. I understand that. What I don’t understand is how people can justify criminal action/behavior. Murder is against the law. These politicians who back Sanctuary cities should be removed from office and deported along with the immigrants that they think so much of. Send them to Honduras or Ecuador where MS-13 originated from. After the first wave of politicians and illegals are deported, I guarantee that the rest will fall in line.

America is a generous land. We have soft-hearted people here. It is part of what makes us the greatest nation on earth. However, when you kill our citizens, it is time for you to go. That is the bottom line. If you can’t abide by the law, then you have no place in our society. My prayers go out to the Tibbett family. May God comfort you in your time of grief.

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