I am researching Jewish History, correction I am attempting to research it. While Digging through several websites, I noticed that the word God is not completely spelled out. Rather it is G-D. This bothers me. Have we reached a place in our society where the very sight of the word God is so offensive that we must do such?

Given time, I suspect that people will not be able to worship the lord in spirit and in truth because some individual will be offended. the word Pentecostal will drive someone to find offence. Where does it end?

Crime is rampant in American society. Why? Is it because of those terrible machinations called Guns? Perhaps, it is because we have chased every mention of God out of our homes, businesses, and government. Advocates for abortions or as they like to be referred to woman’s rights Advocates, screech about the sanctity of their bodies and their right to choose. To choose what you may ask? Their choice is to murder an innocent life so that they are free of the consequences of their actions.

Meanwhile, here on planet earth, Murder is defined as the willful taking of another’s life. Abortion is the taking of another’s life. Two plus two still equals four. Abortion is murder. If a woman chooses to have an abortion she is in essence a murderess. I do not care that the government attempts to absolve them of their crime. I do not care that society says that it is ok. God (G-D to google) said that “thou shalt not kill” or murder as it is translated. Notice the imperative tone of the scripture. That is not phrased as a request. It is a command.

Unfortunately, it does not come as a terrible surprise that people find the mention of Jesus/God to be offensive. Society celebrates allowing Homosexuals to marry. Transgendered people get to use any bathroom that they choose. They force Bakers to violate their religious beliefs. They shout down dissenting beliefs. They continue to make open mockery of Christians. They scream that America is not a Christian nation and that the principles that this nation was founded upon are outdated and offensive.

The question that should be asked is, “Will America wake up before it is too late?” Considering that it took a great depression to turn people to God, it seems that if we are going to have another major revival here in America, something drastic must happen to make people open their eyes. I do not doubt that God can do it. America has too many distractions that keep people from seeking god. We live in a society that seeks to be inclusive except for God. Wear a t-shirt with Jesus’s name on it to school and see what happens. However, go in wearing a t-shirt that praises Muhammad as a good man or Che guverra as an example to be emulated and you will not only be allowed, you will be praised for your open mind. Mention God or bow your head in prayer and you will face expulsion and criticism.

When you pray, please pray for this nation. That we will wake up before it is too late. God is the only thing that can turn this nation around.


  1. Larry, I think what you're finding is a continuation of the ancient Jewish custom of not writing the full name of God as a sign of respect. They would write YHWH instead of Yaweh, leaving out the vowels.There was a prohibition against erasing the name of God. If they never fully wrote it, it couldn't be erased or defaced. Here's a bit about it I found with a cursory search. I'm sure you can find many other sources of information about it. Traditionally, the rule only applies to the name of God written in Hebrew, but some modern Jews have applied it to English, as well. https://reformjudaism.org/practice/ask-rabbi/why-do-some-jews-write-g-d-instead-god


  2. Enh, I followed the link, and did some more reading. It makes sense that the Jews do this to be respectful to the name of God. They don't even throw away books with God written in Hebrew. They store it, and bury it in a Jewish cemetery.


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