Dreams and aspirations

This morning, I am feeling kind of blah. The cause of this feeling of apathy is currently unknown. I have some books that should be arriving today so maybe that will help me overcome this general feeling of lethargic behavior.

Reading has always been a favorite way of mine to spend time alone. I like solitude (not to be misconstrued with not wanting to be with my companion.) it gives me time to think and piece together what I would like to accomplish in my life. Clarity can be difficult to come by when your world is turned upside down and you have no idea which way is up. Therefore, I hide from the world and read.

In the quiet, chamber of my mind I visualize aspects of what I would like to accomplish. Unfortunately, my drive and financial means are limited. However, I do keep a list of things that I would like to do before I leave this mortal coil. Some of the things are:

Operate a bed and breakfast in Ireland

Own a library with numerous first editions in it

Travel the breadth of the world

Have good credit

Leave the Ramen Noodle Diet for good

See my kids get married and live happy lives

Be happy

Be all that God wants me to be

Write a Novel(s)

Lose 100 pounds

Find a companion that wants to be with me

Travel to Israel

This is only a gist of what I would like to do before I die. By no means is it comprehensive. It is not in order so, please don’t harass me about the order. I know that God comes first. Also, I am 46 soon so understand that most of what I would like to do will not come to fruition. However, a life without dreams and aspirations is a waste of time.

There is a parable in the Bible about the men that were given talents. I will draw your attention to the one that buried his and did not use it. God provides us with time and talent. It is our burden to use both to make our lives as good as we would like it to be. The past does not define our future. What happened in the past is over. To continue to live there, keeps us from achieving what we would like to accomplish. Live your life. Be all that you would like to be. Go visit places, meet new people and eat the fattening food. Life can be very good if we choose to experience it.

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