What now?

II Timothy 4:1-8

Acts 5

The four aspects of apostolic ministry. Pastor Lambert 22 August 2018. It is amazing to me that I spoke to Rev. Embrey prior to church and asked questions concerning ministry and divorced ministers. Then I asked about the call of God, does it still apply when you backslide. He gave a positive answer to both questions and I asked to speak to Pastor Lambert when he has time.

I don’t know what God has in store for me. There must be an answer. All my life, I have heard how God has His hands on my life and that I am called to work in the ministry. To be honest the call is to preach. How do I even prepare for such an endeavor? I am scared to death. The thought of giving accountability for all the people that you preach to, try to help, it is a heavy burden.

I will not run from the call of God again. God please help me to stay aligned with you and my pastor. As Pastor Lambert preached tonight I must be submissive to the will of God. It was like Pastor preached exactly to me. Surely, I am not the only person who needed to hear this message. It is imperative that I focus on the steps that the Lord has placed in my path. I remember when I first started going to church there, Pastor Lambert walked up to me and said, “Because I have need of thee.”

God, I accept the call. I will not question it.

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