What is love?

What is love? We all believe that we know what love is. It is the feeling that we get when we see someone we care about. Or perhaps it is the emotion that we get when we watch our kids. This is love, but how do you know when you are in love? There must be a sign, right?

Surely it is not a hit or miss type of situation. You don’t just randomly select someone at a whim to spend your time with. Perhaps not. Infatuation is a real aspect of dating someone. We like being around someone, then the mask comes off and you are left holding the bag. Or maybe they thought that they love you. It could be that they just want to toy with your emotional being. It is a crapshoot.

Love is a great emotion. There is nothing like knowing that someone finds you to be attractive. However, it seems that we forget that love must be nurtured. Worked at. Ask any couple that has longevity, they will tell you that it does not just happen. The part that people seem to confuse is the physical act of love, with true love.

True love is acceptance. Sure, sex is a major part of love. However, acceptance is the foundation of love. Trying to be in love without acceptance is like driving a vehicle with no wheels. Thus, the conundrum. Love is deeper than sex, or the emotional charge of attraction. Love is giving. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Kind. All of this is love.

The Bible states that love is patient. Which I believe the writer is trying to convey that we must be able to wait on it. I have been impatient when it comes to love. Choices that I have made, caused me to suffer because of my impatience. You do not have to seek true love. It will find you.

The Bible also states to “seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things will be added to you.” Considering this, it often occurs that we value a relationship with someone over our relationship with God. This is backwards. We must be able to put God first in our life, and then He will bring us someone.

To me, this is painful. However, if I plan on making Heaven my home, I must follow the ordered steps of the Lord. There is a time and season for everything. May God richly bless you all.

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