The still small voice.

The Lord is good. In Ephesians 6 Paul instructs the church to put on the whole armor of God. My mind has drifted back to my time in the military. When we conducted operations, soldiers are required to wear their gear. Soldiers do not wear a vest without a plate. The vest is useless with no plate, the bullet will tear through the fabric and fatally wound the soldier. Our helmet is buckled to ensure that we have it on to protect our heads when explosions and gunfire get close. Otherwise, it serves no purpose. Wars are not won without weaponry. Soldiers would be ineffective without their weapons, just like Christians are when we are not reading our Bible or effectively praying. Sometimes it seems that we forget that the Lord does not wish to see us perish in our sin. When we come to Him, God provides us with the tools necessary to be effective for the kingdom of God.
The still small voice will lead us and guide us. The devil will never tell us to run the aisles or to jump for joy. God does not cause confusion. This is how we separate the two. Satan does not want you to pray or read the word of God. He wants to limit your interaction with like-minded Christians because he knows that if he can get you alone, he can wear you down. In the middle of hell, I knew God had not left me, but the devil chooses the storm to batter us and make us feel like God does not care.
As Pastor has preached in recent times, be careful to the voices that you listen too.

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