God’s sacrifice for me

Recently, I have been praying for a burden. Why? I have no idea, it struck me the night that the Holy Ghost fell during choir practice. Prior to that I was content to just go to church. To go through the motions and pretend that all was well in my world. Many people are happy to hold down a pew, and just act like everything is fine. Carrying a burden is uncomfortable. An example would be Jesus carrying his cross. Upon a busted back, He carried the sins of the entire world up that hill. How tremendous that love must have been for Him to sacrifice His life for our sins. Due to the selflessness of his sacrifice, he created a path of salvation for people that would not appear until centuries later.

When we consider the beating that He was given before the wounds to His hands, feet and side I gasp in anguish. They ripped the flesh from His bones. It is said that you could see His internal organs from any angle. At any time, He could have stopped the torture. Yet, He persisted. Then His bloody body was nailed to His cross. He didn’t die right away. People gathered around to spit on Him, beat Him, to hurl accusations at Him and still He persisted. At any time, He could have called angels to His side to end His torment, yet He persisted. Wearing a crown of thorns, and hung between two thieves, He paid this price for me. So that I would not die lost.

In a society that has gone mad, His grace is sufficient. His mercy is available for whosoever will. If you do not know Jesus by the power of the Holy Ghost, there is no better time to discover a deeper walk with God. Life is better in the flow. May God richly bless you all.


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