I have many memories of my mom and all the times that we have shared in laughter and tears. Some of my fondest memories go back to when I was a small boy. We attended a country Pentecostal church and my mom always made sure that our clothes were ironed, shoes were clean and her tow-headed boys were looking sharp. I can remember my mom getting up with my dad at two a.m. to drink coffee and make sure that he would get on his way to work. She would then stay up and wash clothes, clean house and wake us up for school. In many ways, my mom’s example has stayed with me throughout my life.
My mom is fiery. However, you don’t mess with her boys. I can remember my mom standing up to numerous people who thought that they could run roughshod over her sons. It never was funny when mom decided to raise her voice and make her point. Mom always has a good sense of humor and one day we went down to Buck Creek to ride ATV’s and swim. She told my brother to ride with her for a while and that she would give him the ride of his life. She did. My brother had broken his arm and she threw him in the creek. Good times.
I remember when I came home from Iraq. I remember how comforting it was to be hugged by my mother, whom I have no doubts, spent many hours in prayer for the safety of her son. When I was lost, and in no shape to be on my own, my mother got on a Greyhound bus and rode 24 hours to come live with me and take care of me. She would get up at 5 in the morning and drive me to the gym. We would eat breakfast at Waffle House. She encouraged me to keep living. As she says, “Every day isn’t a bad day!” I doubt that I would be alive if my mom had not came to Colorado and helped me straighten out my life. Her love for her family is never questioned. I can only hope to be the son that she deserves.

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  1. I have no regrets about the time I came to Colorado to help you through the tough times you were experiencing. Moms are like that! I am beyond proud of our sons. You and your brother. Perfect children? Perfect men? Perfect husbands? Perfect fathers? No, probably not, but none the less, doing the best y’all can do in this cycle called LIFE!! I definitely was and am not the perfect mom, but the things I say and do to you both is meant for your good. I PROMISE!


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