Memories of dad

I was reminiscing with my mother today. She pointed out how difficult it had been to raise two heathenistic boys into good men. I will admit, that she had her hands full, but it wasn’t all bad. Time passed, and I told her of this occasion where I had gotten corrected at school for punching a preacher’s kid in the mouth. The preacher did not find it funny that his son had been assaulted by said heathen.

This happened back when corporal punishment was still used in schools. For my beating the preacher’s kid, I received my punishment which was being corrected with a paddle. The preacher reached way back and swung with all his might. SNAP! The paddle broke in half. As the day progressed, feeling returned to my bottom. As the school day ended, I prayed with all my might that my mother would pick us up from school. Fortunately, my dad picked us up. As I got into the vehicle, I told my brother that if he mentioned what had happened I would give him the same thing I gave the preacher’s kid. The preacher’s kid walked up and handed my dad the broken paddle and said, “ask him why he got beat with the paddle.”

My dad looked at me and backed up the car. Dad asked me what happened. I explained the situation to him and I saw him smile. He turned his head and never mentioned it again. To this day, I am not sure I should have whooped the preacher’s kid, but it is one of the coolest moments that I ever shared with my dad.

The moral of this story is to emphasize the importance of dads’. In times of crisis, no other figure is more important than that of the father. We should never overlook the dads’ that are in children’s lives. Dad serves as the example of the kind of man their daughters should marry. Dad shows their sons the importance of a good work ethic, and drive home the importance of a good name. Dad is the protector and provider for their family. The most important lesson that dad provides is how to be a gentleman and teach their son’s how to treat their spouses. In the spiritual sense, our Father has already set the example, provided us with a path to salvation, and protects us from harm. I am glad that I had a dad that taught us how to provide for our families and protect them from harm. However, the greatest lesson I have ever learned from my dad is to love greatly. He may not be the softest teddy bear, but there is no doubt that he loves his boys. I am proud to bear his name, and I hope that I can live up to the example that he set for us.

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