Academic Suicide

My academic career is over. I came, I saw, I failed. It just got to the point that there was no motivation to be found. It all started this term, at the very beginning no less. I was placed in a dual-credit course without my consent. Then there was the run-in with the receptionist. All of it accumulated into a giant ball of irritation. Thus, I am done with National American University. Since, they drained my entire GI Bill and did not give me my bachelor’s degree, I will whole heartedly recommend that everyone does not even consider going to this university for anything.

I have over 200 hours of college. Still don’t have a B.S. The normal time for a bachelors is 164 hours of study in your chosen field. That is 36 more hours than I need for this degree. Since this is the way that we will play it, I will take my money and stay at home. I refuse to give my hard-earned money to people who think that it is ok to waste it. Or speak to me like I am stupid. Therefore, I will find something productive to do with my life.

Speaking of being productive, I am going to go put my bookshelf together. It is made of cedar and it is going to be a beautiful thing. God bless you all. Chat with you guys soon!

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