Good morning! Seeing how this is how my day will start, I figure I might as well get the first blow in. The coffee is brewing, and my heart is heavy. I have been praying that the Lord will give me a burden. It seems that sometimes we get rushed and we just mumble a few words to satisfy the prayer quota. I am guilty of it. Last night I went to prayer meeting. Early. I got to pray and seek the face of God about things in my life that hurt to much to talk about. It seemed like my prayers went nowhere.
Which leads me to wonder, did God hear me? Of course he did. However, it makes me wonder about the sincerity of my prayer. Did I just go through the motions? Is my mind skewered and did that have an impact on the effective distance of my prayers? I believe that it is important to put aside everything when we pray. There has to be a mind-God connect to feel His presence when we pray. Otherwise, it is a wasted effort.
When I lifted weights, there had to be a concentration on the movement of the weight, we called it the mind-muscle connection. Then there was the envisioning of the potential growth, we had to visualize the growth that we wanted. Like a sculptor chiseling out their next masterpiece, we attempted to carve out the masterpiece in our own bodies. Such is the way of the spirit. Prayer is the communication of our needs and desires to be holy like the Lord. All relationships fail if there is no communication. It is no different with our relationship with the Lord. We have to spend time with Him in prayer if we want to cultivate a relationship with Him.
It is my desire to follow Jesus with my whole heart. To do this there has an altar in my life. I can’t just pray at church. I must choose to be open to the will of God. There has to be a cause that drives us to be faithful to our relationship with Him.

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