There is little doubt that I am broken physically. My knees ache due to the massive weight gain I have experienced. My head sometimes feels like someone is slowing prying it open. Other ailments rise to the occasion when these don’t bother me. It’s life. Things happen to us when we age. However, the one thing that seems to never heal is emotional brokenness.
Physical injuries may scar the flesh but emotional injuries scar the soul. Hence the reason that it never seems to heal. There are many scars on my soul. The ravages of war. Divorce. Separation from my children, the list is to long to cover. Then there are relationships that do not pan out for whatever reason. Friendships that don’t last. Hurts that span from friendship to church wounds. So, how do we heal from wounds that scar the soul?
First, you give it all to God. Sometimes, you just have to pray ugly. Bare the wounds, rip off the scabs and let God work on your behalf. If we as people believe that God is all-powerful, then we should realize the futility of trying to tell Him how to heal us. God is our Creator. Therefore, he knows how to heal our wounds (emotional and physical). There is no second step. Give it to God. That is all that is required of us. You can’t partially give it to God, wholeheartedly give it to Him and let God move.

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