Amazing church services this weekend

I am feeling the Holy Ghost this morning. The Lord moved mightily upon Rev. Ryan Williamson as he preached on “Repairing Broken Altars” Sunday morning. As he preached my mind drifted back to when I finally reached the place in my walk with the Lord where I could always feel Him and hear from Him during the day. It took a severely broken heart to drive me to this point. 
As the day progressed, Rachel and I went to Belmont to help our church’s daughter work site have service. Rev. Troy Helton preached from Luke 24:45-47 on the promise of God, and how God is our way maker, provider, and promise keeper. God does not fail to keep His promises. Unlike individuals who make promises and do not always keep them.
 Then the evening church service unfolded like this: The church had choir practice at 4:30. I felt a strong push not to miss evening service, so I left home around 4:45 and as I walked through the church doors, the power of God had sat down in the middle of choir practice. People were laid out in the floor praying. The Holy Ghost was so amazing. We started to worship and for two hours all we did was pray and seek the face of God Almighty. We had tongues and interpretation. Pastor Lambert finally spoke about an hour and a half into service. It was the most amazing display of the Holy Ghost that I had ever seen, and I am thankful that this is only the beginning of what the Lord has in store for IFUPC.

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