Monday Blues

Morning ya’ll. It is the start of a brand-new week. Yay. I do not feel it this morning. It has been a moment since I have taken the time to write on my blog, so that may lead some of you to believe that I have been productive in other avenues of my life. Wrong. My life has not been productive. I missed three out of four church services this past week alone. That is not good. Unlike most of the populace of planet earth, I need to make it to church every time the church doors are open. It helps me to focus and be the man that I need to be. Otherwise, I am just lost. A floundering waste of God-given air.

So, with that being said, I suppose that I should find something to fill my time. This may seem easy enough to do, however, in my experience nothing is further from the truth. Hobbies require money. Money is the bane of my existence, hence the lack of a hobby. I love to go to garage sales and flea markets. It takes money to enjoy those events. Mainly, because the moment that I see something that I want, I will usually buy it. I am not a fan of window shopping.

I like to read, and I am wanting to buy two hickory bookshelves. My plan is to turn my guest bedroom into a library of sorts. I want to line the walls with bookshelves, and create a sitting room complete with another cedar desk and floor lighting to steal away to when life gets too crazy. Life tends to get nuts when you are retired.  Obviously, it gets real crazy, hence the purpose of this cry session about not being productive.

Boredom is killing me slowly. I have a tv, video game console and plenty of things that I should be doing. However, my problem stems from a lack of motivation. This comes from wanting to enjoy my time with someone who shares the same interest as me. I don’t know. Maybe I put too much stock in companionship. I crave it. I have been alone for a lot of years. Solitude was my friend (or so I thought) and I hid myself from the hurt and pain of being with someone. I have done more damage to myself through my own idiocy than I can repair in two more lifetimes. Ah well, I digress. This blog is going to be short this morning, because the words are not coming as easily as they usually do.  Take care my friends and I will chat with you soon.

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