Go away!

Good morning ya’ll, it is nice and humid outside. I have been up since about 0545 this morning. Turned on my computer to chat with you guys and noticed that Hillary Clinton is back in the news this morning. The gall of this woman. Does nothing sink into that mess of a brain of hers? She accused the President of the United States of being a traitor, I’m sorry, her exact words are: “Now we know which team he plays for.” Was it Trump that sold 20% of our uranium stock to Russia? Nope. That would be her. Was it Trump that left four dead Americans in Libya? Nope. That is her and Obama’s mess. Is it Trump that has a foundation named after him, and allows foreign countries to buy his soul? Again, the answer is no. All these questions have the same answers. Hillary Clinton is a traitor to this country.

It is not the current President of the United States who robbed the poor people of Haiti blind. Also, it was not the current administration who called the hard-working people in America deplorables, racists, and xenophobes. When her husband ran for President, they used a Confederate flag to win votes here in the South. Then there is her statement where she compared young black men to “super predators.” She thought she had the election won. That is why she lost. Her mentality is that she can say what she wants with impunity. Well, this last election shows that there are consequences to your actions. She is a fan of Margret Sanger. You know Sanger, right? The woman who was all for aborting black children. Clinton is buddies with George Soros who said being a Nazi was the best time of his life.

So, why do people fail to see that Clinton is a liar and fraud? There is not a genuine bone in her entire body. She craves power. When she has power look at the damage that she has wrought. Death, destruction, and despair. When President Obama was in power, look at how many of his policies weakened the country. She assisted in that. Clinton’s mentor was Saul Alinsky. Do you recognize his name? He was a communist here in America. Alinsky was mentor to Clinton, and Obama. Do you not recognize how the policies of the last eight years were deeply rooted in communism? Let’s look at another person who wants to fundamentally change our country. I am talking of none other than Bernie Sanders. This guy claims to be a Democratic Socialist. Well, that’s a fancy title. So were the Nazis. You know, the German regime that tortured and murdered six million Jews. Those guys were Democratic Socialists. Can we for once, get our heads out of our fourth point of contact and wake up?

Regardless of how bad it may get, I know that Jesus has it all under control. While I am dismayed at the shape of my country, I know that this rock will not spin forever. It must end at some point. I would rather see it end on a good note. However, the Bible has already predicted how it will end, and it will get much worse before it gets better. God bless you all. Ya’ll have a good day and take care of each other!

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