Summer Heat

My Lord ya’ll it is hot! Whew. The humidity is ridiculous today. I opened my door and about had a heat stroke! Seriously though, it is crazy how hot it is. Al Gore is probably outside making another PowerPoint presentation about climate change. I am not a fan of the theory of climate change, down here in the South we call it seasons. The climate changes from mild, to hellish, to aw this nice, to Dear God it is cold. Summer, generally last from April to December. There are a few nice days that start in October or November and January to February is winter. If we get a spring, it generally starts in the first part of April and then it becomes hellish.

After leaving Iraq in 2008, I never thought I would encounter heat of this magnitude. I stepped of the bus in Kuwait in 2004, and I thought I had stepped into an oven. Most of us thought we were suffocating since it was so difficult to breathe. That was in March. Temperatures were so high that I didn’t need water and shaving cream to cut my beard. I sat outside and shaved through the sweat that soaked me. My brown t-shirts would be grey from a lack of salt in my body. That is some serious heat.

Of course, in the military you train to handle extremes such as this. I no longer serve in the military, so my way of dealing with this insanity is to sit in my house with the AC running non-stop. My thoughts go to the soldiers who are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lord knows, they can use all the prayers and support that we can give them. Yes, it is a choice to join the military. Someone must be willing to answer the call. I never understood why we couldn’t invade the Bahamas or some place that had nice beaches. It is nice to have an air-conditioned house to sit in and not have to deal with the heat.

I am reminded that I was not a fan of the winter, given that most of the pipes in my house froze solid and broke. So, I am not going to cry about the heat. I can always go swimming to cool off. At least I am not on the cold ground trying to patch water pipes. Things can always be worse, so I am going to be thankful that my life is going well. As a wise woman told me once, “Every day is not a difficult day.” Even the Bible states to be content. So, this is me being content. I am alive, and my family is well.

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