Quiet moments (first attempt at poetry)

In the quiet moments I can feel your presence,

It brings a sense of being not at all unpleasant,

My scars shimmer in your eyes like morning dew,

My mind is torn, “what will I do?”

Do I stand strong and face what is?

Or do I run, hoping that the arrow will miss?

Love is a many splendored thing ‘tis true,

But how do you know that the love is true?

Do I chance my heart to be broken once more?

Or do I show this emotion the door?

Time reveals all both the good and the bad,

Does my heart have the strength to accept the decision?

Or do I withdraw to be alone for a season?

An unbroken heart is a sight to behold,

Yet being risk adverse leaves one alone,

A companion true is what the doctor has ordered,

It is on me to chance the risk and open the door.

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