Mississippi Dreaming

Good morning ya’ll. My apologies for not being faithful in writing these past few days. I have been sick the last couple of days. I have had a few seizures, but I know that nothing is greater than God, so I have been just lying down and taking it easy. Another thing that has kept me from writing on my blog is that I have been having dreams. Now, before anyone thinks that I suffer from clairvoyance, let me assure you there is nothing further from the truth. I do not wish my dreams upon anyone.

Some of my dreams could be classified as nightmares. I dream of friends that I have lost in war. Of people that have been affected because of the war, or of the blood and death that occurs in war. Sometimes, I go as far as hallucinate about the dead that I have seen or recovered from battles that have been fought. This morning’s dream though was different. I dreamt of a preacher in my past. The way that the dream occurred and ended has me puzzled. I do not often dream in HD, but this dream had it all. It was visually stunning and had clear, crisp audio. It caused me to get up and start to pray at 0330.

My eyes are heavy at 0600. I want to sleep but I am fearful that if I go to sleep I will dream. Sometimes, it seems that regardless of what I do, I am doomed to fail. Thankfully, God is a constant help in time of trouble. As the Bible states, “I will look unto the hills from whence cometh my help.” I apologize for this being so short, but I need to crash for a few minutes. May God bless you all.

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