Yummy Bacon!

It is morning here, and it is payday! There is nothing like the feeling of having money in your bank account. Of course, if you are anything like me, it is gone as fast as you get it. Between tithes, bills, and groceries, the essentials of life take every dime. Toss in mistakes from my past and I am broke. However, I think that I will take the young lady I am seeing to breakfast this morning. I don’t know if she wants to eat, but I have been on a soup diet the last week or so, and I could use some bacon.

Bacon, yum. If God made anything better than a crispy side of bacon he took it to heaven with Him. I assure you, this boy right here loves bacon. There is something appealing about the greasy crunch of pork that is satisfying to a hungry man. My mouth is beginning to water just thinking about the rich aroma of bacon frying in a cast iron skillet. Ah well, I digress.

The importance of a balanced meal can’t be overstated. I know. People tell me all the time that I will die if I keep eating the way that I do. However, health nuts die all the time too and look at how they punish themselves by eating healthy. They count calories, eat small portions, do without the joy of sweet tea, and eat tofu. Those poor people.

I’m sorry, if this writing seems to be offensive. When I was in the military I had the privilege to live in Europe. The diet of people in most of Europe is staggering. Fried meat and gravy, pasta with sauce that could stop your heart and enough beer to kill a man is just some of the menu. They smoke, drink and eat like tomorrow is promised to them. The difference between there and here is that they remain active throughout their lives. This is only my opinion. We Americans, love to sit on the couch and do nothing. Our diets are not at opposite ends of the spectrum. Our lifestyles are. That is the difference. If we were active, then it would not matter what we ate. God made our bodies in amazing ways. The more active you are the less you eat. Instead of soda, and sweet tea drink some water. Water helps suppress our appetites so that we eat less. Pickle juice can help us lose weight, so does grapefruit juice. There are many options available to help us eat healthy without giving up the food that we enjoy.

Also, you are not going to die before the Lord is ready for you to come home. I will enjoy my life, and bacon and if you choose to do without then that is what you should do. It is understandable if you choose to follow the rigors of a diet to lose weight. I would like to lose some of the unwanted belly fat that I have, however, I hate to lose. Therefore, it seems like a daunting task. I am making changes to my diet. It has come to my attention that I drink to much soda and sweet tea. So, I am going to make it a priority to drink more water and grapefruit juice. This change should boost up my metabolism and Vitamin C. I have been sick recently and Vitamin C can assist in boosting my immune system, so that is a good thing. If things turn dark in my life. I can always have another side of bacon. At the end of the day you must make yourself happy. Y’all have a wonderful day and may God keep you safe in the palms of His hands!

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