The futility of planning…

In the last month, I have made several plans. Unfortunately, the adage from my military days, “no plan survives first contact with Charlie,” continues to ring true. It does not matter what type of plans they are, they all meet the same unfortunate end. Something as simple as a date, or a day fishing trip is skewered and left on the side of the road like some unwanted thing. We will not even discuss what happens when I plan a trip. To my mind, it makes no sense. A person should be able to plan an event and be able to follow through. However, that is not the case. My planning must be atrocious. Regardless of how much time I set aside to plan it, at the last possible moment it implodes. The self-destruct sequence is truly something to behold.

You would think that at some point, I would be able to accidentally get something to hold together. Yet, for all my effort, planning is as pointless as an empty gun. To wit, I am just never going to plan anything again. It is sickening, how everything seems to be planned out and at the last possible moment something comes in and wrecks the whole thing. I just wait in horror for the phone call or meeting that is coming to bring news that once again, my plans have been gruesomely murdered.

Generally, I am pretty good at making plans and executing them. I spent years in the military mastering the art of planning. For all the good it does me in civilian life. There is a structure in the military that rewards forward thinking and planning. Civilian life is a chaotic mess in which it does not pay to think forward in any situation. I feel like I am being reprimanded for using my vision and planning skills. Thus, the promise to myself that I will never bother making another plan. I have witnessed monkey crap fights at the zoo that is better organized than the chaotic mess that civilian life rewards. There is no structure, and no plans in civilian life. Anytime that I decide to plan, it costs me money. I am done throwing money away because I have planned something that has been decimated by the whims of fate. I am done. Good night to you all, may you have better luck than I.

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