Marriage. The very word sends some grown men running for cover, much like incoming fire puts soldiers on their bellies. I have never seen a word shake the very foundations of the planet like the word marriage. It is an institution, right up until they put you in one. All jokes aside, marriage can be a beautiful thing. If you are lucky enough to find someone that you choose to spend rest of your days with, you are almost guaranteed a companion for life. Unfortunately, your companion will be human. Thus, it will be given to having certain expectations of the relationship and you as their companion. It is a mutually beneficial agreement.

There are perks that married couples have over single individuals. A) they have someone to share their days and nights with B) they do not make the journey through life alone C) they can share their vision of their life with their partner and they can work to achieve their goals together. Single people do not have this in their lives. Married couples also live longer. They raise children together. In almost every way being married is considered a plus in this thing we call life.

So, why is it so hard to stay married? Well, there are some things that one must keep in mind if they want to stay married. You must realize that your life is bigger than just you. You no longer live for only you but the collective whole. Also, one must understand that a happy marriage is not just given to you. You must work your butt off to cultivate a successful partnership. Oh, you must work at it? I already have a job! Or two, or six….

If you have made peace that you will be working on your marriage as much as your goals for your individual life, then you are ready to tackle the biggest piece of the puzzle. You must not give up on your partner. It is imperative that you realize that the crazy human that you chose for your traveling buddy through life is just that, human. They want to accomplish goals in this life as well. If they are backing you up, setting you up for success and sticking around when you lose your Kool-Aid, then you should be more than willing to do the same for them. It is called a partnership for a reason.

Now, it may sound simple. It also may sound like I have given you the blueprint for a successful marriage, in some ways I have. However, you must also realize that sometimes marriages do not work out. The odds are always against you. Some people don’t like to be tied down long term, they think that life is greener somewhere else and off they go. Some people are unwilling to work on the marriage with you. Some just want to play around for a bit and then they want a new partner. On and on it goes. That is why it is important to have a solid foundation built before you decide to go into a marriage. Some individuals think that the way to build a solid foundation is to date. Okay. When you date someone you show only the side that you think that they like. You must unmask the person you think you want to be with. One of the worst feelings in the world is to fall in love/heat with a mask. When you fall in love with a mask and it comes off in the marriage, it can feel like a total betrayal. So, pick your partner with care, and always treat them like the precious stone that they are.

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