I started a blog!

Why did I start a blog? I guess the reason that I did it was to share my thoughts on everything. Some folks like to write, they just don’t have the time to dedicate to it. I do. Since my retirement, I have been seeking out ways to fill my time. This is an effective way for me to stretch out my mental muscles. Also, given the shape of the world today, it is hard to not have an opinion on everything. Ranging from politics to athletes not standing for the National Anthem, we all have an opinion. I do not get paid to spout out my opinion, however, that does not stop me from saying what I think.

It seems that today, only one group of people get to say what they think. The other side gets destroyed for any utterances that the other group disagrees with. We are all grown individuals, why can’t we behave like it? A one-sided conversation does not allow for growth. The “I’m right, your wrong” mentality is not conducive to a well thought out discussion. As a society we must be able to not only form opinions but listen to each other to reach the right decision.

I can hear it now. The crowd of people who scream that I am wrong for wanting each of us to be heard. It is no wonder that the divorce rate is astronomical in American society. We don’t give each other the respect that we deserve. We shout down dissenting viewpoints. Politicians are in the streets screaming that it is acceptable to ruin dinner for people who they disagree with. These same idiots are encouraging violence toward the people they disagree with. The world is in a sad shape.

Do I agree with everyone I meet? No. I am a human being with my own likes and dislikes. However, I am not going to assault you because you have a difference of opinion from me. I am a grown man. We can talk about it, or we can leave it alone and talk about something else. The world could use some common sense. There is absolutely no reason that anyone should feel that they are not important.

As a college student, it is difficult to not be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people who only want to hear what they want. From professors who “instruct” to college students who think that it is ok to utilize violence to drive home their point, the art of having a conversation is lost. How did we reach this point? When did violence become an acceptable substitute for words? Instead of us trying to reach a point of compromise, we attack each other physically. This must end.

Even our politicians are using violent speech to stir up feelings of anger in our society. I don’t call names often, but Maxine Waters is an idiot. What happens when a conservative decides that it is okay to interrupt her dinner? Or a business owner asks her to leave their restaurant because they do not approve of her hate speech or rhetoric? Will it be unacceptable then because it happened to her? See, this whole topic is problematic. The First Amendment protects your right to free speech, however, that does not give you a right to encourage violence against the people that you disagree with.

There does not seem to be a middle ground. You either agree with most people or you are a racist, deplorable, xenophobe that hates Islam and minorities. Why can’t I be a guy who appreciates the rule of law? This reminds me of the novel 1984.Between the novel and the Bible, it is safe to say that we are in the last days. God help us.

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