Why do we give our hearts to people who mistreat us? Are we gluttons for such punishment? Amazingly enough, I have done such foolish things. I have fallen into thinking that mere infatuation is true love several of times. Then I always pay the price for such stupidity. What is the cure for falling for “duds’? Is there a sign? Do they hold their mouths a certain way? Wobble when they walk? Is there a certain smell associated with people who trample our hearts under their bloody hooves?

 Yeah, I know, we want to be loved. We want to feel like we are needed and that we have something to offer someone in the magical realm of fairy tales and unicorns.

Love is a complicated mess. Heck, even Facebook put a “its complicated” tag on their website.  When you find someone, it is imperative to put your whole heart into it. Unless of course, they just shun you because they have something or someone they would rather do. If that is the case, you need to bug out. Do not give your heart easily. You will end up hurt 10 out of 10 times. There is no uncomplicated way to love. You commit, you give it your all and you end up hurt. Repeat cycle. However, there is a second part to love and that is hope.

Hope is like honey or butter on a biscuit. Life and love both require hope. Putting your faith in someone is an exercise that you could not do without hope. Hope makes us believe in the impossible, that the next person we love could be the one who changes our whole perspective and will not hurt us. Faith is essential.

Love can be a windy, curvy road. It is best to take precautions in most anything, but in love there are no seatbelts. There are no brake lights. You must be willing to risk it all if you hope to achieve a partnership that lasts a lifetime. It is too bad that such partnerships are so hard to find.

My parents have been married for 48 years which is a long time by anyone’s standard. They will be the first to tell you that it is not easy. They argue. They fight. Then they realize that it is nothing major and their lives would not be the same without the other in it. See, love is a struggle, but it is also a worthwhile endeavor. Love is compassion, companionship, and intimacy wrapped up in one thing. Love is not only sex, it is deeper than that. Sure, sex is a part of it, some would say a major part.It may be a complicated, messy, hurtful endeavor but there is nothing else like the feeling of getting it right just one time.  Anyway, I don’t have it figured out. I am just another person who is hoping to not get hurt the next time I find a dud on my road to true love.

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