Waiting on a sign from God…is it a ruse or a lack of desire to live your life?

Okay, let me clarify my position this morning. As a Christian, I find it irritating that people refuse to live their lives because God did not provide them with a sign. For instance, let’s say you are offered a new job that pays the same as the one you currently have. However, you are unsatisfied with your current employment. Do you take the new job and start again? Are you waiting for a sign from the Almighty before you make your move? Do you realize that God does not work this way?

I am aware that there are multiple examples of signs that were provided to people in the Bible. However, God is not going to come to Earth and tell you who to date, who to marry, where to work, or what to have for lunch. Please understand, I am not mocking those who believe in signs and wonders. The Bible does have a Scripture that states: These signs will follow those who believe…My problem is with those whom refuse to take any responsibility for their lives and want to put the ownership on God.

When I was in the Army, I served with a commander who was all about signs. Instead of signing leave forms, she would pray over them. When the guidon disappeared, we were told not to worry about it, God would tell her where the guidon had gone. As time went by, the more insane things became. In the end, she was removed from her command, and things went back to normal.

Do I believe that God can provide signs? Absolutely. Why then do I have an issue with this mentality?

Most of my problem with this mentality originates from my days as a young boy who went to a church that thrived on signs. “God will tell you or your pastor who you should marry.” I was told God had deemed me to be a certain young woman. I quickly stated it wasn’t happening. It’s not that I doubt that God can provide signs. He is Almighty God, and nothing is impossible with Him. However, when He created us, He gave us a brain. I believe He expects us to use it.

It seems to me that people look for any excuse to relinquish control of their lives, passing the responsibility off on God is just another excuse. “I don’t want to miss the will of God for my life, so I am going to wait on Him.” For certain things that is fine, but He placed a pastor in our lives to direct our steps. Your sign may come in the form of a message. More often than not, it will come from the man or woman of God who watches over your soul. However, God is not going to force you to accept it. You must accept the blessing that He has provided you.

Can you imagine what might have happened if Rahab had waited for a sign in the city of Jericho? Instead, she took it on blind faith that God would be with her and her household and helped the spies. What if Ruth had waited for a sign? Or Joshua? There is safety in waiting, but sometimes you must take it on faith that God is a man of His word.

I am going to quit preaching now.

Freeman out.

Alabama’s controversial law concerning punishing pedophiles…

Today, I read an article where the Governor of Alabama signed a bill making pedophiles get chemical castration as the penalty for their crime. Naturally, those opposing the bill call it inhumane, and controversial. It is my opinion that the bill does not go far enough. Allow me to explain my viewpoint.

When a child is molested or raped, they are traumatized for life. No amount of therapy will wipe away the feeling of uncleanliness that a victim of these crimes feel for the rest of their lives. It is impossible to put into words what the victims feel. However, the crime perpetrated upon them affect everything in their lives. Given the broad impact these crimes have on the victims, chemical castration seems like a gift to those who visit such heinous acts upon innocent children.

Personally, I believe that pedophiles should be executed.

In today’s society, which seems to have gone mad, innocent life is not protected, nor is it valued. City after city, state after state, the lawmakers of these places pass the most ridiculous laws allowing for the murder of innocent life.  So, it is nice to see a state take a stand for the most innocent among us. California was one of the first states to pass chemical castration as a punishment, but it can only be used for repeat offenders. Exactly how much trauma are you allowed to inflict on a child before you are punished?

God cherishes children. Therefore, it is my opinion, that the Almighty is severely displeased with the state of the world today. Of all the people that should be protected, at the top of the unwritten list should be children. Yet, every year millions of innocent babies are sacrificed upon the altar of irresponsibility. I whole-heartedly approve of this measure to punish those who would alter the life of children due to their unnatural lust. Good job Alabama! May God bless you for your efforts to protect our children.

Live bravely…

“Sometimes life doesn’t become better; you just become tougher with each trial that you go through. The key is to remain pliable and softhearted without giving in to bitterness.” These words formed in my mind Sunday morning during church. A Scripture reads, “man born of woman is of few days and full of trouble.” It is almost like God is giving us a forewarning that trouble is part of the human experience. Every day, we each walk through some form of trouble. The days when it seems that we have life by the horns are far and few between.

I call my sojourns through troubled waters A Walk in Darkness. It is during these periods of loneliness, heartache, and loss that I find myself wondering if I am the problem or is it just life kicking me in the teeth once again. Often, it is a combination of the two. My wants and desires sidetrack me into situations where life can do its thing. Sometimes it seems like a team effort. Rarely, is it just life having its way with me.

At one of my darkest moments, my mother brought me a magnet. It simply said that if you can’t make it one day at a time, take it by the hour. If you can’t make it by the hour, take it by the minute. The key is to take it one step at a time. If you don’t revert to the past you, it’s progress. Living bravely sometimes consist of taking that one step that scares you. A soldier on a forced march starts their journey with a step (on their left foot, your left, right, left.) No one expects you to put it all together in one day, but we do expect you to try.

This blog will be short today, but I would like to encourage you all to be brave. Live dangerously, take chances, go with the flow and see what good things await you beyond the fear that clouds your vision.

Take care,


A walk in darkness….the recent struggle.

“I never thought I would be back in this place of darkness again.”

It has been many years since my journey into the murkiest parts of my heart. The darkness that once threatened to swallow me was banished by a light that warmed the deepest recesses of my mind and soul. Several years have passed since my departure from the dark, but here I am again. “Why am I back here?”

There seems to be no end to the struggles that rise to power in my life. Granted, most of my troubles are self-inflicted. However, my mind refuses to stop producing chimera for me to overthink on. Daily, the struggle to maintain my sanity is fought full-scale, no holds barred. Bloodied, weary and doing all I can to stand, I limp off the field wondering if I have won or just postponed my eventual defeat.

“There has to be a better way.”

The voice of a friend from my past brings a smile to my lips. “Indeed. There must be a better way to fight this unending war within myself. It is called prayer. The time for fighting alone is over.”

My life and the re-building that I have done seems to have collapsed all around me. The bright orange flames of destruction, and the smoldering ashes are a reminder that if you build on a bad foundation, you will not be able to withstand the troubles that come. On the wind comes the whisper and a message that I am not ready to hear just yet.

“Try again.”

Inwardly, I sigh.

“Maybe, but it won’t be today. Now is the time for reflection, I need to see where I went wrong. I need to heal before I try again. The fear that I feel is not of attempting again, it is a fear of failing. Therefore, I must come to grip with the hopelessness that is ravaging my mind. I must become the master of my thoughts.”

It will take time to reformat and recreate the person that I want to be. There will be missteps, wrong roads, and other failures but maybe one day I will put it together the way that it should be. Or not. Only time will tell.

Freeman out.

Do Muslims have an unfair reputation in America?


It is coming a tsunami here in North Mississippi, and I figured I would take the time to peruse Facebook. To my shock (and a moment of joy) a friend of mine from my days in Germany had friend requested me. Happily, I accepted his request. While flipping through the various memes and scattered news of the day, I came upon a meme that asked several questions such as this: Why is it when a Jew grows a beard, he is practicing his religion, whereas if a Muslim grows one, he is labeled an extremist? The list of questions went on, but the point the meme seemed to be making is there is a double standard in America.  To be honest, it made my gears engage. So, the question is this: Do Muslims have a bad reputation in the land of the free? If so, why do they have this reputation?

I would say yes, for the most part. Muslims do get a bad reputation due to the actions of the extremist in their religion. Trust me, if all Muslims were bad, we would know it. 1.6 BILLION Muslims is the last count that I had when I still attended college. If all 1.6 BILLION were extremist, the entire planet would have their hands full trying to deal with this issue. As with all societal/religious issues there are several instances that would have us believing all Muslims are bad. First, there is the matter of extremism. You see them on television, their faces are masked, and they are calling upon Allah to help them destroy the infidels. The knife comes down and someone pays the price for extremist beliefs. This reinforces the belief that all Muslims are evil and seeking the death of all who refuse to accept their religion.

As with all things, you can’t judge an entire religion or group of people based on their religious sect, race or political leanings. Well, you can but you are missing the forest for the trees. In no manner of speaking is every black person a thug, not every Latin American an illegal immigrant, nor is every white person a former slave owner. Neither is every Muslim a suicide bomber or extremist. It never fails to amaze me how people quickly individuals choose sides and take an “us vs. them” mentality. However, the lunatic fringe in the Muslim religion does make the entire religious order seem to foster extremism. This is compounded by the failure of those not radicalized refusing to renounce extremism in their religion.

Now before people start throwing stones and shouting about Christianity did the same thing back during the time of the Crusades and Inquisitions, I do understand that point. However, if you read the Bible, you will find that at no point does the Bible instruct its followers to kill themselves or others to appease Jesus Christ. Instead, it tells us to love one another, and to follow Him. Forgiveness is found throughout the Bible. I digress.

The differences in our cultures keep us apart. I would explain it as such: the Middle East is a male-centric society, whereas America is co-ed. I know, the feminist would have you believe that America is a male-centric society but it’s not. If a woman rose to power in the Middle East, all hell would break loose. She would quickly be beheaded or stoned. In America, women run for office, exercise authority in various leadership positions and its normal for them to live their life how they choose. This is a major roadblock in why Muslims’ seem to get an unfair shake in the land of the free. It is my opinion that the Muslim religion refuses to acclimate to the society that they chose to integrate into. It’s their choice, but you can’t blame society for your failure to adapt to the environment you immigrated to. If life is so great where you came from, why did you leave?

As stated in the disclaimer, this is only my opinion.

The reason that so many people are willing to label the entire religion of Islam extremist is because of the failure to cast off and denounce their extremist fringe. Instead of helping law enforcement root out the bad seed, they clam up and refuse to help. When I was in Iraq, we had interpreters who were Islamic and they were very helpful, but for everyone that helps the rest of the community clams up. Therefore, it seems that you support what is occurring when you refuse to assist in the removal of the fringe element. This may not be the case, but how are we supposed to know if you don’t tell us? Given the refusal to assist, it leaves the bulk of society feeling that you are here for hostile purposes. Which in turn leads to everyone that is not part of your religion assuming you have a hidden agenda. We become suspicious of your intentions.

This meme pointed out several things, however, it assumed that it is the beard, and head covering that people have an issue with. This simply is not the case. No one cares if you grow a beard or wear a burqa. It is the violent actions that separate us. What violent actions am I speaking of? Let’s look at some extremist actions: There is the Orlando nightclub, the repeated attacks in France, Belgium, and now the recent church burnings in France (they refuse to lay the blame on the Islamic population, but it is in keeping with the extremist views and actions of Muslim extremist.) These types of actions cause Western society to take a wait and see approach to Islamic immigrants. These actions are the catalyst of why people remain suspicious of those who practice Islam.

I am going to end it here.


The goodbye girl…

Slurping on a milkshake, Chrissy meanders through the shopping lanes of Office Depot looking for items to put in her classroom.

“Ma’am can I help you find something?”

Looking up she sees Sam Jones smiling at her. She wipes her mouth with her free hand and giggles.

“Hey Sam! Sorry, I was working on this shake.”

“And what a fine shake it is.”

Blushing at the double innuendo, Chrissy looks down unsure what to say.

” Mrs. Chrissy if you do me the honor, would you join me for coffee tomorrow evening? We can meet at Stewart’s Coffee Shop. Say six tomorrow evening?”

“Just for coffee Sam?”

“Yes ma’am. Kinda like a get to know you meeting.”

“Sure Sam. I will see you at 6 tomorrow.”

Smiling broadly, Sam spins around and heads for the exit. Chrissy grins and heads down the aisle. The speakers softly play Walking on Sunshine as she continues to shop.

I’m walking on sunshine and it’s time to feel good…