Good morning…unedited…

Howdy! It's a cold day here in North Mississippi. The wind is howling and I have the beginnings of sinus pressure. 'Tis the season to have colds and flu-like symptoms. I am sitting on the couch with Chunk. He's made it clear that he prefers the warmth of the propane heater to the chilly temp... Continue Reading →

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Weekly update #2…Let’s catch up!

Good morning. Happy Sunday! It’s time for my weekly update. Things were hectic this week. I spent many hours on the road, traveling to and fro to various appointments and what have you. Thursday evening, I drove to Memphis to visit an old friend who I had not seen in fifteen years. We laughed, caught... Continue Reading →

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Another small part of AHDDS…unedited…

Bray Farkin and Sara M. Templeton sat in the office, the awkward silence bordering on outright hostility. Sara refused to meet Farkin’s eyes. Bray kept his eyes on Sara. His had managed his anger and kept it veiled from the officers, but Sara’s inability to keep her mouth shut had almost led to more mistakes.“When... Continue Reading →

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A Walk among the Trees…unedited…

There’s this area I walk from time to time. To get away, to reset my mind and body, to hear something other than the screeching of modern life. In this vast park, I find my soul.  I’m overdue for a walk among the trees. The serene bubbling of rushing water is calming to my harried... Continue Reading →

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Snatched…the conclusion…unedited…

Captain Walters led Titus to his quarters. A splendid meal was placed on the dining table. Walters sat at the head of the table and gestured for Titus to sit at the end.  “When will we arrive in Havana, Captain Walters?” Walters smiled and cut into the tender meat. He shoved a forkful of it... Continue Reading →

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Snatched…new writing, incomplete…unedited…

Rankin helped the kid up, and led him to one of the ambulances. I walked up to Manson. “Where’s Lilly? Rankin said she’s okay.” Manson wrapped her arm around my shoulders and gave me a squeeze.  “She was conscious when the paramedics whisked her away. They took her to Memorial Hospital to get checked out.... Continue Reading →

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Snatched…today’s writing…unedited…

Jeremiah stood in the living room and watched the thieves disappear in the wee hours of the morning. “How odd,” he thought to himself, “they didn’t even seem concerned that I would call the cops. That’s the strangest robbery ever…” A noise sounded from the library, and Jeremiah turned. A small smile crept across his... Continue Reading →

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Faithless…new writing, unedited…

“Travis Franks. You remember him?” “Um, no. I remember Yvonne,” Konan said. Lilly rolled her eyes. “How could you forget her? You panted after like a dog in heat.” Ashley laughed, while Konan blushed red. He shook his head no but kept his mouth shut.  “Okay, I guess we should go let Yvonne know that... Continue Reading →

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You’re what you do…unedited…

It’s funny how writing is sometimes free and flowing, and other times it’s like having all your teeth ripped out without any meds to deaden the pain. Today is like the latter.  My eye is drawn to a white envelope upon which I scrawled these words: “You are not what you say you are, you... Continue Reading →

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A few words of encouragement…unedited…

I woke to this thought this a.m. “We all tried harder when scraps were all we had to offer, but all too often our best efforts ended in failure.” For some reason, I seem stuck in this point of ‘doing your best.’ This is not the first time I’ve sat at my computer and typed something... Continue Reading →

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My trip to the library….unedited…

Good afternoon.  Earlier today, I posted a piece of a writing about rewriting AWID. Apparently, as I was writing, I received a message on my phone from my local library. “Larry,” Mrs. Beverly drawled into my voicemail. “Those Civil War books you wanted are now available. We’re closing at three this afternoon, swing by if... Continue Reading →

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The Rainy Ripper…further scrubbing of the opening….

“Rain. Why not? There is nothing like investigating a murder in the middle of a freaking hurricane.” Thermopolis Konan lifted his collar to shield his neck from the deluge. His ride should have been here ten minutes ago. “It’s always the same crap; make the new guy wait.” An unmarked Crown Vic pulled up next to the... Continue Reading →

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A Walk in Darkness…the rewrite…

I remember... Those two little words are both rapturous and the bane of my existence. My memories have led me to this place, this abyss of depression and anxiety. It's a mental prison filled with the screams of the past, a place of oppressive darkness. I sat in the glaring white office of Dr. Wilson... Continue Reading →

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An update…unedited…

Good evening. It’s a few minutes past 11 p.m. I am in bed with my MacBook Air, attempting to find the words to describe how insane my life has become. By using the word insane to express it, I fear I might’ve inferred that my life has worsened. Fear not, for my life has vastly... Continue Reading →

The Process…unedited

Good morning. It’s raining here, the sporadic bursts of rain against the tin fills my cabin. We’re facing about a week’s worth of rain, possibly even more if the weather forecast holds true, but it’s all good. The holiday season carries on, rain or shine. Today’s one of those days where I’m feeling writerly. I... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt…

What are your feelings about eating meat? “I’m a carnivore,” I shout as I pound on the table like a petulant child. “More, more, more…” Seriously though, I’m a carnivore.

The Yolk of Life…unedited…

I woke up dreaming about unformed eggs,Embryonic, loose, vulnerable yolk,Gently lying in my hands, life so soft, so squishy."Careful" the voice said, "there’s still life."“No joy”, cried I, as I tried to walk up the steps,The soft liquid state of life fragile in my hands,Protective coat squishing between my fingers.’That’s called the bloom,’ said the... Continue Reading →

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